DIY Working Miniature Pencil Pack

DIY your own working miniature pencils.  Simply DIY Crafts has this easy and quick video tutorial to show you how to make tiny pencils that actually work.  Perfect craft idea for you and your dolls. Share your pencils with you dolls after you make these mini pencils.  You can make the cute pack to keep them in and print out a phone design for the front.

DIY Miniature Ketchup and Mustard

Make tiny ketchup and mustard for your dolls to use in their dollhouse.  Binkybee Miniatures crafts up some fun mini doll crafts.  Find tiny and cute things to DIY.  You can make some cheap and inexpensive things perfect for your dolls.  If you have a dollhouse and want to make tiny things like these mini condiments then watch and learn how now.